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Hurray! You are investor ready!

Your startup is in the blue zone



Awesome! Your startup has high value to investors in its current form. Your startup is well placed to secure funding. Continue to progress and actively reach out to investor.

Expected Investor Response

Although you are investor ready, there are certain areas that you may need to address.  If you go ahead and meet investors in the current situation then likely response from investor would be "Hey, We like your startup/your team however send us some more information... .  

What it means for you? While investors definitely  see a good investment potential, There are some areas that would have to be addressed. This could be around traction, moat, target segments and addressable market, delivery medium. Your startup has a lot of merit as you can see its in the blue zone. 


  1. Engage investors for fundraising. Go full throttle,  most likely you would get investment in next 2-4 months.

  2. You're close to a success story so try and meet 50-60 suitable investors. We can send your profile to matching investors. Send profile to investors

  3. Work and prepare a sharp pitch, Define your addressable market, competitive advantage and try out growth hacks to show continued traction.

  4. There are few rough edges but you will figure it out. If you play your cards right, You have 70% chances of securing a seed round in the current shape in next 2-3 months.

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