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Good Effort, You are not there yet.

Your startup is in the red zone



Expected Investor Response

You are emerging startup and have a bit of ground to cover, Most of the investor/VCs would wish you good luck and move on. Investors would not entertain your proposal at this stage. Ideally you should not ask for investor meeting.

If you go ahead and meet investors in the current situation then likely response from investor would be "Hey, Thanks for reaching out, Wish you good luck... .  

What it means for you?  It mean that most of the investor are likely to pass the opportunity. You have taken the right step by doing this assessment. Start from blank slate and list down reasons why you think your idea is 10x better.  Look closely at pain areas and define your opportunity The current value proposition of your idea, team, market size etc.. needs to be addressed.


  1. Don't engage investors for fundraising. You are not ready for investment and would be wasting investor leads.

  2. Instead rework the idea, validate your assumptions, target segment. 

  3. Do a quick survey in your target segment, see your future customers think about your service/product.Get some of these respondents to signup as early customer, work on your target market, team composition , traction and again take this assessment about 8 weeks

  4. Instead find a mentor or incubator that could give you advice on your product or refine the idea or may be help you pivot. 

  5. Our venture experts can help you be investor ready in 6-8 weeks


​For more specific guidance, schedule a session with our venture experts.

Your startup has no value to investors in its current shape. Your startup needs to evaluate the offerings and pivot to better align with the opportunity.

This reflects a poorly structured opportunity for investors. The key reasons possibly could be low strength of team composition , poor traction and undefined small market size.

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