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Good Effort but you are not there yet.


Your startup is in the yellowzone



Your startup has low to mid value to investors in its current form. Your startup has certain strengths and you would need to address certain weak areas. There is low chance of securing funding. You have 20-30 % chances of raising funds with current shape.

Expected Investor Response

Although you may get investor meetings but you're not investor ready. If you go ahead and meet investors in the current situation then likely response from investor would be "Lets stay in touch or let's connect back in couple of months" .  

What it means for you? While investors may not pass on the investment outright, they would like you to fix some of basic areas around team, traction, mvp, pricing. Your startup has merit as you can see its in the yellow zone. 


Our recommendation would be to start reaching out and build relationships with investors. Get opportunity to meet them for advice and suggestion. try few growth hacks. Visit events, demo days and just listen to feedback from investors, Don't pitch about your startup yet to investors.

For more specific guidance, schedule a session with our venture experts.

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