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North Star Pitch Assist
 Our clients have used our presentations and models to raise from well-known VCs including Accel, SoftBank, Northpoint, Leads, Sequoia, Vista Equity, and Google Ventures.

Raise funding from global investors

  WHAT do we offer at  NORTHSTAR


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1. Funding Strategy

All our projects are led by seasoned venture advisors. Our advisors have themselves raised multiple rounds. We know what it takes to raise funding!

In the onboarding call, Our venture advisors will brief you about funding strategy and we will discuss the ideal angle for the story. Our advisors will be available throughout the project to answer any questions you have about the fundraising plans.

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2. Writing & Design

Our talented business storytellers get to work with venture advisors with expertise across multiple industries.

We work using a shared, live document, which allows us to quickly iterate on the outline of the deck.

A first draft is usually delivered in 3 business days, and revisions are delivered within 24 hours.

Business Meeting

3. P&L Deep Dive

This is where most of the founders fumble while we help you stand out. Our venture advisors are ex-investment bankers. They can smell bullshit from a mile away. We challenge your assumption to craft an investor-grade financial model for the business.

We keep you honest and don't believe in hockey stick growth. Hockey sticks are better left to the ground.

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4. Dry Run

Our venture advisor will help you iron out the gaps. Hop on a call to lay out the pitch script and review your pitch delivery. We simulate a real investor presentation. Our advisors are VCs themselves and they hear plenty of pitches every week. We plan it to the T, so you'll know exactly how to deliver a winning pitch

Our dry run exercise has been instrumental for founders to hit the ground running.

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250+ Pitch Decks

In last 12 months

founders feedback

loyyat matt.jpg

Matt Hamilton


MD, Loyyal,


Ex I-Banker, raised USD 2.3mn Pre Series A in 2017

Venture Handle is a highly skilled team. They brought our story to next level. Sri has been very helpful with funding intelligence. Thanks for your services!


Igor Khamel

CEO, Bank Ex,



Ex Mckinsey, raised USD 70mn ICO in 2018

Your pitch deck service was really valuable. You've completely changed the narrative. The outcome is really great.


Vikram Rajput

CEO, Subhag,


Ex GE, IIT Kharagpur, raised USD 500K in 2019

In matter of few days, our pitch moved to next level. I run a 8 figure business. As a founder, our minds are cluttered with many ideas. Venture Handle declutters and crystalizes the story. VCs loved our deck.


Rohit Ghosh
INSEAD MBA, raised USD 300K in 2021

Arnov is a pitch deck magician who delivers on time, to specification with written flair. He's a great communicator, so you'll know exactly what he plans to do and when. As for the how... that's his valuable skill. He knows how to write what investors need to hear. That's why I've hired him before and I'll do it again.


who are we

Small business owners, high growth startups, and venture capital firms hire our venture advisors. We are ex-consultants, active VCs investment bankers, and founders who've scaled and sold their ventures


Our venture advisors- you would work with 

Our Venture Advisors are located across the globe to deliver investor grade guidance relevant to you



Venture Advisor, USA

Ex-CEO Empyr, 2X Successful Exit

Bryon is accomplished executive with a proven track record in challenging high growth recurring revenue B2B SaaS, Held leadership roles at multiple ventures, successfully exited Empyr Inc

(acquired by Augeo). Raised funding for  several companies while at the helm such as Empyr Inc / Ad Tech / $50M, Lytx Inc / Driver Risk Management $2B

Worked at



Venture Advisor, France

     Ex-Private Equity

10+ years experience in top-tier Investment Bank (J.P. Morgan), private equity and financial services firms. In the past 3 years, helped raise US$150m+ funding for seed, Series A / B rounds, as well as US$300m for PE and hedge funds

Worked at




Venture Advisor, Australia


 Ex-Merryl Lynch, I Banker

Steve is Ex-Merrill Lynch (London & New York). He has worked on deal size over billion USD. Steve works with early stage & growth companies up to USD$50M in revenue. He has consulted many listed companies such as  Canada Nickel (Canada), Fortune Minerals (Canada), Cyprus Developments (USA)

 and many of the startups.

Worked at




Venture Advisor, Australia


CFA, SaaS Founder

Barret is a serial entrepreneur, technologist. He focuses on SaaS, AI, Healthcare scale-ups at AI Ventures. Barret has raised rounds for multiple startups in the past and brings in a solid mix of tech and business understanding for early-stage founders

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Venture Advisor, Germany


Investor, GER Investments

Natalie leads syndicate investments in Silicon Valley and Germany. She holds MBA from HEC Switzerland. Natalie's current portfolio of investment includes more than 10 early-stage investments

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arnov wob_edited.jpg

Arnov is a Venture Advisor and Program Director at North Star. He brings in 14+ years of experience working with various companies across Edtech, Fintech, Energy & Manufacturing

Worked at



Venture Advisor, India


Ex-EY, NorthStar Coordinator




Venture Advisor, USA


CEO & Founder

Eric has been a startup ecosystem for last 15 years, founded several companies and raised multiple funding rounds between $400K to $ 8 Million. Eric is graduate from Cornel and MPA from Harvard and MBA from Wharton. Eric brings strong network on both the east and west coast. Eric has worked on deals across education technology, consumer technology, SAAS and fintech, specializes in pre-seed, seed, and Series A funding rounds.

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Venture Advisor, UAE


Ex Director GE Capital 

Nick is a venture advisor, focuses on Middle East based ventures. He was with GE capital and has worked in various consulting and financing   rounds for early stage startups. Nick specializes in AI and ML based ventures

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Hunter is Principal with the US based VC firm focused on deal sourcing, deal execution, portfolio operations, and investor relations.

Prior to being a VC, Hunter was a Consultant in Deloitte's Strategy & Operations Consulting practice. In this role, Hunter primarily focused on serving Fortune 500 clients engaged in international M&A. Hunter earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science from Vanderbilt University, MBA from Wharton.

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Venture Advisor, USA


Principal, VC Firm 

you would receive

Investor Grade Pitch Deck

Fundraising Strategy

Investor Ready P&L

Pitch blockers and  Investor Queries

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