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Investor Outreach Funnel

Updated: May 9, 2020

Understanding the Investor Outreach Funnel Before you followup it is important to understand how investor outreach works, Investors are like customer and there is a investor outreach funnel like a sales funnel. As initial stage let's say you reach out to 50 investors over 8- 10 weeks, If your startup is at good stage ( Refer to the Funding , FIRE Score of >7.5),

Out of all the investors about 60% will invite you over for a coffee meeting. Once this meetings goes well, the about 50% of them may want to meet you at their office and have a detailed meeting to dig deeper into the business. Once you've accomplished this then comes the partner meeting where you may have to pitch to all the partners.

About 30% and finally out of those 50, one may get a term sheet offer. So, if you work out the funnel of 50 outreach may end up in 1 or 2 term sheets. Please refer to the diagram below​​

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