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Location : London

Website :

Sector :      Edtech; SaaS

Revenue Prev FY :  GBP  250 K 


Est Revenue Current FY : GBP 400 K  

Lead Investor : Soft Commited

Raising : GBP 100,00,000

Expected Close : 30th October

Seed Round

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Sample Story

Jon Doe, An INSEAD Alum and Jay Deer, A mechatronics expert, started Sample in 2019. 


Sample serve on demand contextual courses that are not available to graduates. With 75% graduates not job ready there is a huge opportunity waiting to be unlocked in the segment.


Sample Widgets has already trained more than 1000 graduates, poised to grow rapidly with infusion of funds. 

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Reasons to Invest

Strong MoM user growth

Large target market

Strong team with relevant experience

Revenue generating 

Alliances and partnerships with colleges and distribution partners

 Here is a quick look at latest growth numbers