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Nishant | Middle Road Pvt Ltd
Oct 02, 2019
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Hi, I attended one of the events in Pune. It was the first time I met up with angel and seed investors in Pune. Guild of founders is doing an excellent job in enhancing the startup ecosystem in Pune, coaching wannabe entrepreneurs in developing their ideas, fine-tuning investor approach. Further, it conducts informative seminars inviting startups to pitch their ideas to investors and nurtures a viable platform for exchanging ideas within the startup community. From my personal experience, I would suggest that seminars are an excellent opportunity to connect and know more about others. I did not connect or follow up with all investors for capital but looked for spaces wherein I could collaborate. A strategic outlook in line with your holistic long term vision is a better approach when interacting with all actors within the startup ecosystem.

Nishant | Middle Road Pvt Ltd

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