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Get your suit! Its time to meet the investors

Your startup is in the green zone



Your startup has extremely high value to investors in its current form. Your startup is well placed to secure funding. Continue to progress, build on the momentum and actively reach out to investor. We wonder if you are already discussing term sheets.

Expected Investor Response

You are a hot startup, Investors should ideally be chasing you by now. Although you are fully investor ready, there are certain areas you can further improve. 

If you go ahead and meet investors in the current situation then likely response from investor would be "Hey, We like your startup/your team and would like to offer you a termsheet... .  

What it means for you? You have a strong investment potential. Continue to work on your pitch. Well define your target segment, keep pushing on traction, addressable market and delivery medium. Your startup has strong merit as you can see its in the green zone. 


  • Our recommendation would be to actively reach out. Work and prepare a sharp pitch. There are few rough edges but you will figure it out. 

  • Word of caution, You shouldn't be overconfident and chase unrealistic valuations. Be open to investor suggestions.

  •  You have 90% chances of securing a seed round in the current shape in next 2 months if not earlier.

For more specific guidance on pitching or investor outreach, schedule a session with our venture experts.

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