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 Our  clients have used our presentations and models to raise from well-known VCs including Accel, SoftBank, Northpoint, Leads, Sequoia, Vista Equity and Google Ventures.

Raise funding from global investors


  WHAT do we offer at  NORTSTAR

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1.Funding Strategy

All are projects are led by our seasoned venture advisors. All our advisors have themselves raised multiple rounds. We know what it takes to raise funding!

In the on-boarding call, Our Venture Advisors will brief you  about funding strategy and we will discuss the ideal angle for the story. Our advisors  will be available throughout the project to answer any questions you have about the fundraising plans.

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2. Writing & Design

Our talented business storytellers get to work with venture advisor with an expertise across multiple industries.

We work using a  shared, live document, which allows us to quickly iterate on the outline of the deck.

A first draft is usually delivered in 3 business days, and revisions are delivered within 24 hours.

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3. P&L Deep Dive

This is where most founders fumble while we help you a stand out. Our venture advisors are ex-investment bankers. They can smell bullshit from a mile away. We challenge your assumption to craft a investor grade  financial model for the business.

We keep you honest and don't believe in hockey stick growth. Hockey sticks are better left to ground.

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4. Dry Run

Our Venture advisor will help you iron out gaps. Hop on a call to layout the pitch script and review you delivery. We simulate a real investor presentation. Our advisors are VCs themselves and they hear plenty of pitches every week. We plan it to the T, so you'll know exactly how to deliver a winning pitch

Our dry run exercise has been instrumental in North Star program, our founders hit the ground running

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250+ Pitch Decks

In last 12 months

founder feedback

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Matt Hamilton


MD, Loyyal,


Ex I-Banker, raised USD 2.3mn Pre Series A in 2017

Venture Handle is a highly skilled team. They brought our story to next level. Sri has been very helpful with funding intelligence. Thanks for your services!


Igor Khamel

CEO, Bank Ex,



Ex Mckinsey, raised USD 70mn ICO in 2018

Your pitch deck service was really valuable. You've completely changed the narrative. The outcome is really great.


Vikram Rajput

CEO, Subhag,


Ex GE, IIT Kharagpur, raised USD 500K in 2019

In matter of few days, our pitch moved to next level. I run a 8 figure business. As a founder, our minds are cluttered with many ideas. Venture Handle declutters and crystalizes the story. VCs loved our deck.


Rohit Ghosh




INSEAD MBA, raised USD 300K in 2020

Arnov is a pitch deck magician who delivers on time, to specification with written flair. He's a great communicator, so you'll know exactly what he plans to do and when. As for the how... that's his valuable skill. He knows how to write what investors need to hear. That's why I've hired him before and I'll do it again.

who are we

Small business owners, high growth startups, and venture capital firms hire our venture advisors. We are ex consultants, active VCs investment bankers and founders who've scaled and sold their ventures



you would receive

Investor Grade Pitch Deck

Fundraising Strategy

Investor Ready P&L

Pitch blockers and likely questions  by Investor