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We are built on entrepreneurship and creativity.

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Venture Development


We help founders, corporations, incubators, research facilities, venture funds and private equity investors around the world to build and invest in new ventures, design startup ecosystem & vital innovations.
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At Venture Handle, we’re a special breed of venture builders and entrepreneurs.

We build and grow the businesses of tomorrow with leading corporations.


Venture  Studio 

Develop new venture within large corporation to capture new markets. Collaborate with innovative startups that are the best match.





A collaborative trek for large corporations to sprout ideas. A two-day session to identify future growth opportunities.  

... and we also run structured incubation programs for startups to scale and grow.



A program designed to help high-potential, high-growth Startups to raise funds and guidance they need to be North Star.


Fundraising Bootcamp

A collaborative cohort of founders raising first round ending with Demo Day. For startups at revenue stage.  

We know that founders love the freedom and space to grow. All our program are run through our Digital Incubation platform

Urban Footwear

D2C transformation for a traditional wholesaler/ manufacturer in USA

3 Year Strategic Roadmap, Data Driven Growth Insights 

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